Creativity is like air to me, I cannot live without it

From a young age my creative journey unfolded: from wrapping fabric round my Barbie dolls; being absorbed and inspired by my year 1 and 2 teacher who took creative magic and wonder to a whole new level; knitting, crocheting, baking and lace making with my grannies; making clothing for my toys from the scraps of fabric from all the thousands of bride and bridesmaid dresses that seemed to slide onto and off my granny’s table like a conveyor belt (her hands never stopped, they were always making something); cutting round a tshirt because I loved the shape of it and sewing it really crudely and shocking my granny that it actually worked; dreaming of being a fashion designer and drawing ballgowns and wedding dresses with my friend Suzanne throughout junior school; dancing throughtout my childhood; spending summers getting lost in reading books about making anything; studying textiles and then as an adult diving into honing crafts to the best of my ability. When I moved out of home, I took my mum’s ridiculously heavy Singer sewing machine with me and it was the first thing that got packed when I moved out of my flat, I spent that two years sewing everything we ever needed and teaching myself to cook and bake, I don’t remember buying clothing or soft furnishings during that time. There were a few years of knitting (each stitch a meditative moment in time that got me through infertility and IVF). Knitting became an obsession, I would knit everywhere, even in an open top car with the yarn flapping around in the wind and our house was insulated with a stash of yarn that not even the local WI could have knitted through in 10 years; and most recently loving a photography course with the inspirational Paul Manser Photographer pmanserprophoto.

And this is just the tip of the very stuck, glued, stitched, snapped and twirled iceburg. Just like my granny, I am happiest if my hands never stop moving. I am fidgety and irritated if I don’t have a project of some sort. And you enable me to live in my creative dream.

What can you not live without?