We assume that by placing an order through our website you are giving your consent for us to collect the personal information you provide for the processing of your order. 

We use Shopify, US, e-commerce to host our website so that we can sell our products to you.  We also sell our products through the Etsy website.  The data you provide as part of your order is held by them and stored (in the United States).  Your personal information is stored on their secure server.  Through Shopify we also receive your computer’s IP (Internet Protocol) address which gives us information about your browser and operating system.  Your payment details are processed through Shopify Direct Payments and Paypal.  We have used and always will use MailChimp, US, and Shopify, US, and their opt in methods to ask if you would like to be part of our mailing list. Your information is shared from Shopify to Royal Mail which is the provider we use to process postage of your orders.  We also use Google Analytics to track and report website traffic.  We have been advised by all of these third parties that they are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant when holding your personal information. 

Your personal information will only be extracted from these sources when absolutely necessary and destroyed by process of not saving personal information unnecessarily and removing your information from our computer systems permanently as soon as we have completed the piece of work the information was required for. 

Should you be redirected to a third-party website from our website, you are no longer governed by our Privacy Policy. 

There are links to the privacy policies of the third party providers we use below.

Any hard copies of your personal information we may have in our possession are destroyed by shredding, as soon as we have completed the piece of work the information was required for. 

We will never share your personal information for the use of others, unless required to do so by law because of a violation on your behalf. 

If you have opted in to receive our Love Letter, we will only contact you with information we think you would like to receive, including news, products, offers and other updates. We totally understand if you no longer wish to receive our Love Letters and there is always an unsubscribe link within them or you can email to ask to be removed from our mailing list.

Here are external links to the third parties privacy policies:

We ask that you do not provide information of any child under 16 as part of your ordering process.  We assume that no child under the age of 16 (unless the Member State has made provision for a lower age limit – which may be no lower than 13) will provide us with their personal information unless the consent and authorisation of a person with parental responsibility is given.

This privacy policy may change over time to keep in line with requirements. 

Should our store be sold or taken over by another company, we may transfer your information to the new owners to enable the business to continue.